Submitting info for DWTS though Grinya Talent


Dancing With the Stars is always up for new talent.  If you are currently a ballroom dance professional with a few championships under your belt, we would like to offer you the chance to audition!  So here’s what we need from you.

  • A current resume in Microsoft word document. Click for an example.
  • Please fill out this form.
  • 3 professional photos.  One headshot, one full body, and one action shot (dancing).
  • 2 Videos that best represnt your dancing ability. (Performance is better than competition)
  • A link to an interview video of you answering the following.  (Upload your video on a hosting site such as Youtube,Vimeo, or Dailymotion.)
  • Attach a signed copy of this Retainer Agreement.
  • Attach a signed copy of this W-9 form.


  1. Greet the camera, state your full name, current titles, and the best styles you’re disciplined in.

(How you present yourself is an important factor.  Within the first 10 seconds the producer has decided if they are intrigued by your character.  TV persona is alive with energy but not over exaggerated.)

Below is an example of how to present yourself.

2. What are key factors that make you a phenominal performer?

3. What kind of personality do you have?

4. How would you offer the best performance on Dancing With the Stars ?

5. What do you like about the show?

6. Why you want to be on the show?

7. What would you bring to the show, that’s unique to you?

8. What do you have that current pros on DWTS don’t have?

(and so on to that matter :-) not necessary in that order.)

9. Conclude your video by thanking the viewer.

Submit all your info in one email with your name -DWTS as the subject to

Good Luck!  We are looking forward to sharing your story!


Grinya Talent Management